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From beach to city, always feeling confident and comfortable. We are beach lovers, world travelers, life enthusiasts. We are ASUYAMA.

ASUYAMA lifestyle

ASUYAMA is carefree and high-quality clothing to be worn from the beach to the city, day and night. ASUYAMA was born out of passion to create inspirational, beautiful, high-quality swimsuits and clothes inspired by the relaxed beach life in California.

ASUYAMA swimwear and ready-to-wear are designed for women who appreciate quality, environmentally friendly materials and a perfect fit in the garments. For women who will want to dress in a personal, effortlessly cool way.

We at ASUYAMA design clothes that emphasize the best features of a woman's body, clothes in which women feel self-confident and beautiful. We spend time to find and design the perfect fit. Every piece of clothing has to both look fabulous and feel wonderful.

Our key values are eco-friendliness, high quality both in design and in the materials we use. Our swimwear is made mostly out of sustainable fabric - ECONYL. Fabric made entirely from pre - and post - consumer waste like discarded plastic, fishing net and fabric scraps. We also use high quality RIB fabric.

In clothing we use only different types of 100% cotton fabrics. All our garments have a soft, exquisite feel.

The ASUYAMA collections are exclusive – we only produce small quantities to make sure our garments stay unique and can only be bought here in the ASUYAMA shop.

Meet ASUYAMA’s designer

ASUYAMA's founder, a Finnish designer Tiina Asujamaa, made fashion a career already at the age of 22 when she opened her own clothing store in Iso-Roba, Helsinki. However, she left the store behind and moved to California. In California Tiina studied fashion design at FCI Fashion School in downtown Los Angeles. Prior to studying, Asujamaa worked as a stylist in Los Angeles and gained insights into the world of fashion. Living both in Hermosa Beach and West Hollywood, she was inspired by the carefree and relaxed beach lifestyle she's always loved, mixed with a bit of city life - to have the best of both worlds. That’s how the idea of ASUYAMA came to life - " To create unique, fun and high quality swimwear and easy going clothing styles that works both in beach and city surroundings." The idea sharpened and took form and ASUYAMA was born.

"I had been creating a career in fashion for a long time in retail and in styling, but somehow I always knew that design is what I wanted to do. I did wonder if a Finn could design beachwear, but in the end it's all I was passionate about - the bikinis, traveling, seeing the world, the ocean. When creating ASUYAMA,  everything kind of came together".

Today Tiina resides and designs in Helsinki but travels as much as possible for adventures and for inspiration and also splits her time between the places close to her heart including Bali and LA.

“I’m still a beach bum at heart. I love the sea and the carefree beach life. It inspires me to live my life to the fullest and I want to inspire other women to also follow their dreams, to be their beautiful selves and to do what they really enjoy!”